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Only One School Offers Complete Immersion in The World of Ballet From Academic Studies to Stage Performances

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What makes Victoria International Ballet Academy such a unique ballet school?

What makes any great school? It is the amazing tradition of the Vaganova Ballet Program. It provides the strongest and most versatile foundation both for technique and expression. Invented by the famous Agrippina Vaganova it has produced legends of ballet such as Nataliya Dudinskaya, Irina Kolpakova, Rudolf Nureyev, Mikhail Baryshnikov. Our school was founded by Victoria Mironova, master of the Vaganova style. Victoria studied with Vaganova’s top student and is perhaps the only source of such secrets that were not recorded in Vaganova’s books. Victoria leads our teachers who have all graduated from the Vaganova Academy as Masters of Ballet Education. We’re not done yet! Ballet students also gain the opportunity to remain immersed within the ballet world as they complete their academic courses. The discipline and determination they carry throughout their school years paves their way to North America’s top Universities.
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Why Choose Canada?

Canada – and particularly Ontario – is home to one of the most esteemed educational systems in the world. Our secondary school diploma is held in high regard in every corner of our planet. And of course, we are one of the safest destinations for international students. Take this opportunity to follow your dream with the world’s top ballet teachers, gain one of the mostly highly regarded secondary school diplomas, study English, and enjoy the warm and safe hospitality. This is why Canada is the right choice.

Why Choose Victoria International Ballet Academy?

VIBA provides a warm atmosphere (even during the Canadian winter!) to all of our students. We have a robust social environment with events and celebrations that make our students stronger and more motivated. By providing a homey atmosphere we make international boarding easier and more pleasant for our students.

We offer partial and full scholarships to outstanding candidates because we know that dreams sometimes need help to come true. Speaking of dreams, our students regularly perform in concerts on the professional stage – this kind of experience is absolutely invaluable.
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See What Our Students Have To Say

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Once they graduate, students of VIBA always stay in touch with their friends and mentors. Many come back to perform in our productions or just to visit while performing as part of other ballet companies.

YOU can be accepted into the 2016/17 professional ballet program!

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Try our ballet summer intensive – Successful completion is counted as a successful audition for the professional program.